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Rehabilitation For Drug Use Based On Faith

Rehabilitation Via Spiritual Healing And Prayer

Recovery from substance abuse can be achieved via faith or spiritual healing. When undergoing rehabilitation, an addict may receive help from interdenominational rehab facilities. The first step of recognizing the addiction is often as difficult as the road to recovery itself. It is very important for loved ones to be there to help, although that can be difficult for them too.

Your struggle to disclose addiction problem to religious friends could present great recovery problems. They often find themselves in paradoxical or more often ironic justification between faith and their abuse.

Seventy-six percent of Americans consider themselves religious based on the 2015 survey conducted by Pew Research Center.

Drug and alcohol abuse in the UK is estimated to be in the millions per year. No one is exempt from addiction, religious or not you can still become addicted. It is easier to treat addiction if we consider it as a medical illness rather than a moral or ethical disease.

Communication between pious individuals and their God assists in belief-oriented rehabilitation. During this form of therapy, there is strengthening of faiths of believers with dependence.

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What Faith Based Drug Rehabilitation Provides

The need for the person to get close to God is usually the main focus in these rehabs in addition to helping an individual use the right medication to aid their recovery. Your transformation from drug addiction to a life of freedom requires blending physical, psychological and spiritual aspects. Yearnings and effects of abrupt stop of drug use are still treated with the conventional detoxification and psychological therapy. To obtain help from your dependence, search for the therapy now when you call 0800 246 1509.

Traditional treatment processes being carried out include:

  • Substance detoxification
  • Counselling and 12-step therapy
  • While trying to cope with the health challenges posed by their effort to quit the drug, their treatment is monitored.
  • Teaching the users everything they needs to succeed

In the facility, and individual can receive spiritual guidance from those who are qualified to offer it. The spiritual advisors also hold personal and communal sessions in helping the patients strengthen their faith. The ones in recovery at a faith-based drug rehab can increase near each other and their belief during rehabilitation.

Together, the patients make a community through shared faith and experiences. Group members enjoy emotional support in private and group therapy sessions to stay sober from drugs. It is possible for these former drug abusers to overcome their sense of guilt that is the first step toward slipping on the way to recovery as they focus more on their spirituality during their interactions.

The program to help them recover also contain having a regular spiritual discussions. Provision of avenues for spiritual functions is made. In belief-centred therapy, study and analysis of the religious reading material is done and there is also time for reflection.

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Reasons To Consider Belief Centred Rehabilitation

Data gathered by Baylor University research team indicates that faith-based practices are less inclined to illicit or harmful activities or behaviour. Counselling together with well managed drug detox forms the foundation of faith based recovery program. You are physical, psychological and spiritual. These 3 aspects make or break addiction recovery program outcome. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) acknowledges and supports alternative drug addiction programs for speedy recovery. There is provision of grants to over 800 of these belief-oriented agendas by SAMHSA to fight dependence.

Find A Centre For Treatment

Get to an inpatient or outpatient faith based drug therapy centre near you. Several faiths such as: Christian, Jewish, Muslim etc., believe in belief oriented therapy. People of similar beliefs, looking up to God for energy to achieve abstinence, will constantly be around you.

In fighting addiction, options are now accessible to match your needs.