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Being Pregnant And Alcohol Misuse

Drinking Alcohol While Pregnant

Substance abuse is not as risky as in childbearing situation, where there could be an unredeemable effect on the child due to declines or setbacks.

The health of the child in the womb can be permanently damaged when the mother is indulging in alcohol. The liver of the unborn inside the mother's womb is unable to fully process alcohol just an adult's. One of the leading causes of birth defects which include abnormalities and developmental disabilities within the United States is the prenatal exposure to drugs and alcohol. Some doctors say there is a tolerable amount that the mother can ingest while pregnant while others advise abstinence from it. Majority of expecting mothers shun alcohol completely to be on the safe side.

Alcohol intake during pregnancy affects the child who is developing.

Giving up alcohol completing during the course of pregnancy is not easy for women addicted to alcohol, even when they understand the harmful effects of drinking in their condition. If you have an alcohol problem and are pregnant, seek help without any delay.

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Learning About Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Babies that are born with atypical facial features generally grows up to have mood, attention and anger disorders and could be suffering from foetal alcohol syndrome. Due to the variables involved in the study, there are no conclusive findings on how alcohol impacts the child during pregnancy.

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD for short) is an umbrella term given to every disorder arising from prenatal exposure to alcohol. Just like other disorders spectrum's not every case is as extreme as the others.

Common symptoms of FASD are as follows:

  • Atypically small head
  • Spinal column and heart problems
  • Being extremely short
  • B.M.I being so low than normal
  • Low intelligence
  • Hearing and eyesight challenges
  • Mood, attention, or anger disorders
  • Hindered body growth
  • Heart, kidney or bone-related problems

Alcohol Dependency In Pregnant Mothers

Intake of alcohol while pregnant, notwithstanding the amount is considered by many medical practitioners as alcohol abuse . Severe cases of FASD can be linked to the excessive consumption of alcohol by the mother during her pregnancy.

The amount of 0.08% blood alcohol is considered is categorized under binge drinking which can be translated to 4 shots/drinks in a span of two hours. A womb-to-tomb health disorder can develop in the baby if the mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy.

It has been determined by the UK Centres For Disease Control and Prevention that nearly one in 10 women who are pregnant consumes alcohol and one in 50 binge drink.

Women Who Drink During Pregnancy Stats

If a pregnant woman is struggling with alcohol dependency it is likely that her condition is not disclosing her true situation. We should always handle with care any matters to do with alcohol over dependency and pregnancy. Compassion is crucial when handling pregnant women who have developed a dependency on alcohol.

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